HN Review update

A few weeks ago, I let you know that individuals had been selected to “scope” the changes to the various HN qualifications that form part of the HN review. Each person was a practising teacher in a Scottish college. The scoping is now complete and I have received reports, with recommendations, from each person. Here is a summary of the recommendations.

In general, the qualifications need to be tidied, with the (very) long list of optional units pruned back and modernised. The low uptake units should be removed and new units developed (or introduced) for emerging technologies such as Blockchain. There were specific recommendations for each award.

  1. HNC Computing: Minor change. Clear preference to make this a broad-based foundation award for all HND routes
  2. HND Computer Science: Minor change. Focus more on computer science e.g. make maths mandatory.
  3. HND Software Development: Minor change. More focus on contemporary techniques (use of Github, more focus on OOP, etc.). Possible addition of a large project unit to better reflect working in an actual project team.
  4. HND Networking and HND Technical Support: Major change.

The recommendation for HND Networking and HND Technical Support was to merge them into a single, new HND award, which combines both, with a title such as HND Networking & Infrastructure. This is a major change and I would carry out further consultation before finalising that decision.

If we proceed on this basis, four awards would be revised/created:

  1. HNC Computing
    HND Computer Science
    HND Software Development
    HND Networking & Infrastructure (working title).

If the decision to combine Networking and Technical Support is confirmed (through further consultation) then the next stage will be development of these four awards, when I would create a Qualification Development Team (QDT) to create the respective frameworks and devise the units. The intention is to have the new HNC available for August 2019 and the HNDs for August 2020.

Please contact me if you would like to express a view on these proposals.


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