HN Review is about to commence

We’re about to commence the review of HN Computing qualifications. The “big review” will involve the revision of the following awards:

  1. HNC Computing
  2. HND Computer Science
  3. HND Computing: Networking
  4. HND Computing: Software Development
  5. HND Computing: Technical Support

These were last updated in 2013 so they are overdue a review. They will be reviewed as a group because they are closely related and best considered a “family” of awards.

The aim of the review will be to update the structure and contents of the qualifications. Although the qualifications have been tweaked over the last five years, this review will give us an opportunity to have a root-and-branch look at them.  One of the first decisions that we’ll have to make is to decide whether we need to retain both Networking and Technical Support as separate qualifications.

The first stage in the review is to “scope” the changes required. This is carried out by an individual. I intend to appoint four or five people, each of whom will have a specific responsibility for one or more qualification. Final decisions will be taken by the Qualification Development Team (QDT). We will be looking for volunteers to scope the awards and serve on the QDT in the coming weeks.

We used a dedicated blog during the last review but this time we’ll use this blog so look out for future updates. Emma will be the lead officer for this development so contact her if you have any questions or want to get involved in the project. The updated suite of awards will be available to centres from August 2020.



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