HN Review meeting

Regular readers will know that we’ve commenced the review of several Higher National qualifications and that we were looking for people to “scope” the required changes. We got several volunteers and selected four people (all practising lecturers) to lead on each qualification. The “scoping team” met for the first time yesterday in Glasgow.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the process for scoping qualifications and to agree tasks and timescales. It was a good meeting. The first stage in scoping is for each person to carry out qualitative research into the required changes. That involves them interviewing a range of practitioners to find out how satisfied they are with the current awards and what, if any, changes they’d like. These interviews may be face-to-face or online or by e-mail. If you’re approached by one of the team, I’d appreciate if you would contribute some of your time.

Each lead person will (eventually) produce a “scoping report”, which summarises their findings and recommendations. I then consider each report and decide how to take things forward. The interviews will take place during the next few weeks and I hope to have completed reports by the end of September.

Please contact Emma if you want to know more about this project or wish to volunteer to be interviewed.

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