Scoping HN qualifications

I recently announced the commencement of the HN Review. We’re now in a position to take this forward. The first stage in the process is to “scope” the required changes. We do this to find out what might need to be changed and to get an idea about the scale of the required changes. Once we’ve done that we get down to actually developing the qualifications.

So, we’re looking for four people to scope the following qualifications.

  • HNC Computing
  • HND Computer Science
  • HND Networking/Technical Support
  • HND Software Development.

We decided to consider Networking and Technical Support as a whole because of their close links. That doesn’t mean that one of them will go – simply that they are best considered together. We will produce five separate reports (one for each qualification) at the end of the scoping process.

Scoping is an interesting task. The person doing it talks to interested parties (college lecturers, employers, university staff, etc.) to find out what they think about the current award, and then comes up with a set of recommendations. It is paid work done at a time and place to suit you.

We hope to have the scoping done by early September. Please contact Emma if you’re interested in volunteering to carry out one (or more) of the scoping projects.

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