Blockchain units now available

We commenced the development of new units in Blockchain in July. I’m pleased to let you know that these units are now available to centres. Two new units were developed:

  1. Blockchain (SCQF Level 7)
  2. Blockchain (SCQF Level 8).

The Level 7 unit is non-specialist but it’s particularly appropriate for business, computing or financial services learners. However, I think, any learner would benefit from understanding the principles of this important, new technology. The Level 8 unit is specialist and more suitable to those with a vocational interest in computer science or fintech. We plan to develop an Assessment Support Pack for the Level 7 unit (but not the Level 8 unit).

I would expect these new units to feature in some of the awards coming out of the current HN Review.

Please contact Caitlin if you want to know more about the units.

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