HN Review update

Since the last update, we have been in discussions with stakeholders about our plans, and specifically the idea to combine technical support and networking into a single, new award. There has been support for this change so we now intend to develop the following awards.

  1. HNC Computing
  2. HND Computer Science
  3. HND Networking & Infrastructure
  4. HND Software Development.

Apart from Networking & Infrastructure, the other awards will have relatively minor changes — although a significant amount of updating will have to be done due to the numerous technological developments that have taken place since they were last reviewed (2012). But their aims and philosophies will not change.

The procedure for developing and revising qualifications involves creating business cases (undertaken by another team within SQA) and, right now, that’s where we’re at. I’m confident that we will be given the green light to proceed but we have to wait until I am given formal approval (and funding) before proceeding.

In the meantime, I plan to identify members of the Qualification Development Team (QDT) so that if and when we are given the green light we are good to go. I intend to create one team for all of the awards. This means that it will have to be a large team (with expertise across all of the areas) but better that, I think, that four separate teams. Please contact Caitlin if you’re interested in joining the QDT.

I hope to have the revised HNC award available to centres by August 2019 and the revised/new HNDs by August 2020. I appreciate that that’s not much time to develop the HNC but we think that many of the new units that we’ve developed over the last couple of years will make that task relatively straight-forward.


Are there some developments planned for the L6 and L8 Diploma for IT and Telecomms Professionals. GL2R 46 and GL2T 48?

[…] As previously mentioned in Bobby’s last update, the┬árevision of qualifications involves creating a Business Case before we can make a start. The process will be undertaken by another team within SQA, we will have an outcome by early February. […]

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