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NEW! Primary food projects

The first ‘Primary food project’ is now available! Bring on breakfast (for ages 5-6 years) is a six week programme of learning based around breakfast. It comprises teachers’ notes, six lesson plans, and links to supporting classroom resources and delivers learning about healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from. Why not take a look now?

Are you registered for Healthy Eating Week, 13 – 17 June 2022?

It’s the British Nutrition Foundation’s 10th Healthy Eating Week and the big message for this year is, Eat well for you and the planet! We will be celebrating this message with the following daily themes:

  • Focus on fibre – for meals and snacks
  • Get at least 5 A DAY – put plenty on your plate
  • Vary your protein – be more creative
  • Stay hydrated – fill up from the tap
  • Reduce food waste – know your portions

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Food-based ‘Challenges’ for Early Years and primary

The ‘Challenges’ begin with a stimulating, themed presentation of images, information, questions and tasks. Teachers then set their pupils suggested activities, based on the theme. Each Challenge culminates in a final outcome, such as a dish, poster, video or school growing area! Challenge activities for ages 3-55-7 and 7-11 years are available now.

NEW! African inspired recipes

We have been working on a new collection of recipes from around the world that are modern, diverse and reflect different cultures. Our first set of recipes are inspired by African cuisine and include Mealie bread, Bunny chow and Algerian meatballs. Come and take a look now! For background information about the project and recipes, click here.


Food skills, recipes and diversity practical workshops

Why not join one of our 90 minute online, practical workshops and make two recipes from one of our global cusine collections – Eastern AsianCaribbean IslandsSouth American and Eastern European? Spaces are limited to a maximum of 20, so please only book to attend one of the workshops.

NEW! Developing skills for independent living

Take a look at our new resources for supporting teaching and learning around developing skills for independent living. Developed to support pupils with additional needs, the resources focus around the areas of planning what to cook, shopping, cooking and eating, and include teachers’ notes, social stories and activity sheets.

Remember these? A selection of our most downloaded resources

Blank Eatwell Guide and Eatwell Guide food cards

Use the Blank Eatwell Guide and Eatwell food cards to help your pupils learn where different foods belong on the Eatwell Guide. You could time pupils sorting the foods or divide pupils into groups and have a race!



FREE nutritional analysis tool

Explore Food is a free nutritional analysis tool that enables pupils to analyse a recipe or a day’s food intake. It comes with a range of worksheets, including the popular, Creating a food label instructions!



Our three most popular recipes

These recipes are the three that have been most downloaded from Food – a fact of life over the last six months. Why not try them out?

Sensory science

Take a look at the excellent resources we have to support sensory evaluation in school. The resources, include presentations and quizes, exploring the senses and how they affect food choice, and a wide range of sensory evaluation tests (spreadsheets). The most popular test being Excel chart 10 points 1 product!


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