Food Standards Scotland joins in the festive fun by defrosting a turkey live on Facebook

At 12pm today (Wednesday 19 December), Food Standards Scotland will film a frozen turkey defrosting in the fridge live on Facebook.

Although it will hardly be a Christmas blockbuster, we believe this will be a quirky way to show the potential health risks of failing to defrost your turkey properly.

A turkey needs 10-12 hours per kg to fully defrost in the fridge meaning even a small bird of four kg will require nearly two full days to defrost before cooking.

If defrosting in a cool room allow three to four hours per kg. Do not defrost your turkey at room temperature.

Dr Jacqui McElhiney, Food Standards Scotland, said:

“Our live stream shows just how long it can take to defrost your turkey and the need to safely prepare and cook your Christmas meal.

“We’re joining in the festive fun as nothing spoils Christmas like food poisoning, and highlighting the serious point on how long it takes to fully defrost a turkey.

“You should work out defrosting times in advance, so you know how much time to allow. If it’s still partially frozen, recommended cooking times won’t be long enough to cook it thoroughly. This means bacteria that cause food poisoning could survive …

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Free BNF Primary Teacher Online Food Course – in Gaelic

Registration is now open for our Gaelic medium, free, online food course for primary school teachers – A’ teagasg mu bhiadh sa bhun-sgoil: carson, dè agus ciamar (Teaching food in primary – the why, what and how).

 The course is also available for Scottish teachers in English medium. 

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