Are we eating veg again?

On a more positive note, the Health Survey also revealed new figures for fruit and veg consumption in Scotland, which showed the highest reported intake since 2003. The improvement is small (from 20% of adults eating 5-a-day last year to 24% this year, and 3 portions per day average to 3.3 portions), but encouraging. Talking of vegetables, we will be unveiling pledges by Scottish businesses for how they will make it easier for their customers to eat more veg at the second Vegetable Summit next week in London! Watch our social media accounts …

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Cooking in the primary school classroom

Are you planning food lessons for your primary school pupils? We’ve got everything you need!

Are you planning food lessons for your primary school pupils? We’ve got everything you need!



Take a look at this selection of resources to get you started!

Food teaching progression chart – a chart of knowledge and skills for pupils aged 5-11 …

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Review of UK meat processing identifies improvements

Draft review makes recommendations for industry and regulatory authorities to improve compliance and assurance.
Recommendations to be considered by the Boards of the Food Standards Agency and Food Standards Scotland on 17 October.


The UK’s two food regulators today published a draft Review with a series of recommendations for the meat industry and the regulators themselves aimed at improving compliance and assurance in the meat processing industry.

The six-month review was launched in the wake of a number of high profile non-compliance issues identified at cutting plants.

The Review took a fundamental look at how the current arrangements could work better and focused on tackling the root causes of common issues, and not just the symptoms.

The recommendations, which are subject to the approval of each organisation’s Board at a meeting in Edinburgh on 17 October, are designed to prioritise food safety and improve overall industry standards in the meat supply chain.

The 19 recommendations for industry and regulators include:

Greater involvement of industry to produce clearer guidance to meet the needs of food businesses
Increased focus on skills and capabilities across industry
Greater data transparency and sharing across industry and with the regulators
More effective use of data by regulatory authorities and improved regulatory coordination and consistency
Trialling the feasibility of using a single organisation to deliver all official controls in a geographic location

Geoff Ogle, Chief Executive of Food Standards Scotland, said:

“This review is essential for ensuring the public continues to have full confidence in the safety of the UK’s meat industry. The majority of our meat sector acts responsibly ensuring food safety …

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BNF Healthy Eating Week 2019 – registration is open!



Registration is quick and easy and will give you access to the latest information and resources to help you plan health promoting activities for your nursery or school.

This year’s BNF Healthy Eating Week will take place from 10-14 June 2019.

To register now, click here.



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Scotland’s Enterprising Schools

Scotland’s Enterprising Schools Progress Report for 2017/18 is out now. It celebrates the successful delivery of the programme in partnerships with Young Enterprise Scotland and Social Enterprise Academy and outlines the vision for the future, now reaching and supporting over 2100 members.

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New release: PSE Review

New release: PSE Review


The report of the thematic inspection of personal and social education/health and wellbeing in Scotland’s schools and early learning and childcare settings has been released. It makes clear reference to career education (DYW) and recommends extending its reach across all age groups in line with the Career Education Standard 3-18.

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Don’t miss out on some of the best CPD opportunities this autumn. Come along to learn more about School-Employer Partnerships from:


Castelbrae CHS (Edinburgh) and St Albert’s PS (Glasgow) and how their partners inspired learning and helped to raised attainment.
Peebles HS’s (Borders) multi-agency approach to DYW that prepares learners for the world of work.

Laxdale PS’s ( …

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Campylobacter levels remain steady in UK-produced chickens

Today (13 September 2018) the major UK retailers have published* their latest campylobacter testing results, which shows that contamination in UK-produced chickens remains steady.

The data from April to June 2018 shows that 3.7% of chickens tested positive for the highest level of campylobacter contamination, which is similar to that seen in the last set of results (3.8% from January to March 2018) and lower than the first publication covering July to September 2017, which was 4.6%.

We’d like to remind consumers that the risk of becoming unwell from handling and eating chicken is low in Scotland providing you follow our good hygiene and cooking tips.

The average percentage levels of campylobacter from …

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