Pulse Survey Pool

Research colleagues in SQA are setting up a panel of centre staff who are willing to take part in ‘pulse’ surveys (a pulse survey is a fast survey system intentionally designed to be carried out frequently to take a ‘pulse check’ on views on different topics). The time commitment for these surveys will be minimal. They will enable us to get ‘quick pictures’ of what centre staff think about important issues. For this to work effectively, we need to …

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BNF Healthy Eating Week registration now open

Just a quick note to let you know that registration for BNF Healthy Eating Week 2021 is now open. Here is the link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=b0ZZUkanWEu0vLq3o74TJL-0IOWWobdIvBCxWQpFfapUNEtDMEk4RTEwWUFHSFlCUk83Sk1GNlBIMi4u


The Week will take place from 14 – 18 June 2021. Registration only takes a few moments and will ensure you receive the …

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HE, PE and Dance NQ Webinars

Please find the link below to the forthcoming HE, PE and Dance NQs webinars:

HE – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-deliver-he-nqs-remotelyonline-tickets-137817783701

PE – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-deliver-pe-nqs-remotelyonline-tickets-137821003331

Dance – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-deliver-dance-nqs-remotelyonline-tickets-137829378381

Please share the links with your networks.

 The focus for the webinars is to share Digital tools/resources to support learning and teaching in HE, PE and Dance NQs.  The Digital Team here in ES have a number of learning and teaching tools as well as pedagogical considerations that they would like to share with practitioners across Scotland.  The webinar also includes one/two teachers sharing their online practice. I am grateful to many of you who have supported our webinars in the past as a facilitator.  The format for these webinars is as follows:


15:00 – 15:10   Welcome and introductions

15:10  – 15:25  Digital pedagogy from the Digital Team, Education Scotland

15:25 – 15:55  one – two teachers sharing digital tools to …

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Inspiring Scottish teachers and schools to find out more about food

Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Scotland, the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET), Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), and the Rowett (Aberdeen University) are Scotland’s Good Food Champions.

We are working together to provide teachers with learning opportunities linked to food, STEM and sustainability. We have launched an online learning portal for teachers to access at their convenience. New resources will be added regularly as we continue to build the site, we will also …

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Health claims – what the label reveals

The Health Claims Unpacked project aims to help consumers understand health claims on foods and drinks in order to make healthy choices.  Researchers are looking for adults to complete a series of short, enjoyable interactive activities, which explore the health claims we see on food and drinks. To find out more, and contribute to scientific research, click here.

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Scottish teachers – get registered for our conference!

Register today for our free, virtual conference, Childhood obesity: How much is food education in schools part of the solution? Over 200 primary and secondary teachers in Scotland already have! This event is taking place on 28 November 2020, from 9am. For more information, and to book your place, click here.

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Don’t let COVID get in the way of your development!

We are not letting COVID get in the way of our teacher training events! We’ve already had 24 teachers attend our virtual, practical workshops and all agreed that they felt more confident about their food skills as a result. To find out about the other training we are offering, click here.

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Show your students they can have a career in food!

Interested in showing your students some of the options for careers in food? The new careers section on Food – a fact of life houses a downloadable poster and inspiring case studies about careers within food, covering those that ‘feed the nation’ and ‘inform the nation’.  To view the page, click here.

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Butcher’s customers win meaty praise for caring apprentice in industry training awards

SQA was delighted to sponsor the awards and congratulates all the winners.

A Coatbridge trainee butcher who helped ensure housebound customers were properly fed throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has won a national recognition award.

Customers of Hugh Black & Son butchers in Coatbridge’s High Street voted in their droves to secure teenager Nicky Presland the coveted Scottish Craft Butchers “Extra …

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QMS Meat Voucher Scheme

Thanksto everyone who has signed up for the ⁦‪@qmscotland⁩ Meat Voucher Scheme but lots of our regular schools haven’t signed up yet.

We know it’s a crazy time for teachers but it’ll only take a few minutes to do the surveybit.ly/329zhsg and we’ll do the rest! pic.twitter.com/8zrseqfnl0

Please click the link below –

https://www. …

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