Chefs @ School – World Salami Day

World Salami Day was first started in 2006 in Virginia, USA by the SAS (Salami Appreciation Society) and is now celebrated worldwide.
What is salami?
Salami is a type of sausage made from dried and salted meat with herbs and spices.
Where does it come from?
Salami originated way back with the Ancient Romans who would mix meat with salt and …

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Chefs @ School – Organic September

Organic September is an iniative led by the Soil Association to raise awareness of organic farming and produce.
So what exactly does organic mean?

Food produced without the use of man made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives.
No drugs, antibiotics of hormones to be given to animals for human consumption.
No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Animals must be kept in a more natural way

Why buy organic food?

It is better for the environment
The animals have a better quality of life
It tastes better more like the food from decades ago before we started messing around with chemicals etc.
Farmers pay closer attention to nature and this enhances wildlife and biodiversity.
There are no antibiotics in food and higher nutrient content.

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Although it is more expensive to buy organic food in the supermarkets you can buy it at good prices from farm shops and farmers markets.

All organic produce must pass the Soil Association’s testing and …

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A taste of Scotland – Scottish Government

New plan to increase food and drink tourism.

A new plan to develop food and drink tourism in Scotland will aim to deliver an additional £1 billion to Scotland’s economy by 2030.

The industry-led Food Tourism Scotland Action Plan, launched today by the industry and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the Isle of Arran, sets out a range of actions to …

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Scottish Learning Festival DYW seminars

Hear from schools, local authorities and employers about the power and potential of implementing DYW in partnership. Find out what’s on offer at this year’s festival and sign up to seminars here.

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Report on Parents’ and Carers’ views on Career Education

A Skills Development Scotland and Scottish Government Report on Parents’ and Carers’ views on their child’s education, employment and training, including the types of information they use or need to support their child to make informed choices about their post-school options can be accessed here.

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Are you trying to boost your fibre intake?

In the UK, the average daily fibre intake for adults is around 19g a day. We should be aiming for at least 30g a day. BNF has created a resource with some easy swaps to help you increase your fibre intake and put you on your way to the daily recommendation.


To take a look at this resource, click …

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Free Training for Primary School Teachers

If you are a UK primary school teacher, or trainee, you can register for free access to our online course, Teaching food in primary – the why, what and how!

The course has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to help primary school teachers plan and deliver high quality food, nutrition and cooking lessons to primary aged …

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Best Start Foods – Nourish Scotland

We held an event with Voluntary Health Scotland earlier this month to discuss the Scottish Government’s proposals to reform Healthy Start Vouchers into Best Start Foods. This scheme aims to support young families on low income to access fruit, veg, and milk. You can read the summary of discussions held at the event here. If you have experience using Healthy …

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Where is the Good Food Nation Bill?

The Scottish Government pledged to bring in a Good Food Nation Bill to sort out the food system – they promised to consult before the end of 2017 and haven’t. Take action with us! Tell the First Minister to keep food on the agenda.

The Scottish Food Coalition launched the Kitchen Table Talks report ‘A Seat at the Table: Becoming a Good Food Nation is everyone’s business’ in front of Parliament on 23rd May. It was a great success, with many campaigners joining us and a dozen MSPs from all the major political parties coming to greet us and hear about what people told us about their Good Food Nation vision. Our key message: there’s huge appetite for a national conversation about food, the Scottish Government must ensure everyone has a seat the table during the …

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Food and Health News – Education Scotland

Food and health NIH page

We have created a Food and Health summary page to help practitioners find key information, resources, exemplification and links on the National Improvement Hub. 

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