QMS Meat Voucher Scheme

Thanksto everyone who has signed up for the ⁦‪@qmscotland⁩ Meat Voucher Scheme but lots of our regular schools haven’t signed up yet.

We know it’s a crazy time for teachers but it’ll only take a few minutes to do the surveybit.ly/329zhsg and we’ll do the rest! pic.twitter.com/8zrseqfnl0

Please click the link below –

https://www. …

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BNF Nutrition Bulletin has ‘free access’ until the end of 2020

This is a great chance to view articles that would only usually be accessible to those with membership. The free access finishes at the end of 2020, so I’d recommend taking a look now!


September 2020 Special Issue – Food reformulation and innovation: Future solutions for healthier and more sustainable diets: https://www.nutrition.org.uk/bnf-publications/bulletin/latestissue.html

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Conference – Childhood obesity: How much is food education in schools part of the solution? (Scotland)

This conference is one of a series around the UK and is aimed at teachers in primary and secondary schools in Scotland.

Each conference tackles the importance of childhood obesity, which has been raised further as an issue since lockdown. The conferences will be presented through inter-related presentations, focusing on key themes of obesity, curriculum, whole school, qualifications, food …

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Wave 13 – best of remote learning!

The final wave of remote resources are now online! We have been adding to our remote resources collection since the start of the school closures in March 2020, to support teachers, children and parents. There are now over 600 activity ideas available – and these will be staying on the website to support learning! To view the ‘best of’, as well as the 600 …

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Allergies, intolerances & the diet webinar

Join Frances and Alex from BNF for their webinar, Adverse reactions to food and the management of allergens in the classroom, on the 23 September at 4.30pm.


For more information and to register, click here.

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Harvest resources

Teach your class about the harvest with our new activity pack. The pack is designed to support teaching and learning around the importance of where food comes from, specifically the harvesting of food. To view the activity pack, including a range of games, activities and presentations, click here.

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Planning and managing practical food activities during COVID-19

If you are planning practical food sessions, take a look at our new Practical activity guidance during COVID-19 document. To view the document, click here. We are also running a webinar discussing the comprehensive guidance developed by CLEAPSS for practical food activities during COVID-19. This webinar is fully booked, but the recording will be available on our YouTube channel.

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Nutrition Bulletin – healthier and more sustainable diets

If you want to learn more about the future of food, take a look at the British Nutrition Foundation’s new special ​Nutrition Bulletin issue looking at ​how to make foods healthier and more sustainable. Learn more about food reformulation, innovation and future solutions for healthier and more sustainable diets. This issue is FREE for the next four months. For …

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Virtual food skills workshop – back to basics

Join Roy and Frances for a series of virtual practical workshops focusing on ‘back to basics’ food skills and recipe progression. The training will be conducted virtually from Roy’s and Frances’ kitchens – you just need space in your kitchen, as well as a tablet/laptop. These will be run as both Saturday morning and twilight sessions. For more dates and information, …

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BNF Healthy Eating Week 2020

It’s now just less than three weeks until BNF Healthy Eating Week 2020! There are lots of ideas and resources to help your pupils tackle the Week’s seven health challenges. Register your school or nursey now and show your dedication to health and wellbeing. For more information and to register for the week, click here.

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