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Hope you’re all well. I think the less said about the ongoing situation the better as i know we’re all probably sick of hearing about it now, but i hope that you’re all doing ok.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the webinar last week, we had said that we will continue to provide delivery examples, methods of evidence gathering and learning experiences from as many centres as possible to support centres currently delivering the award and those who are thinking about it.

We have received some great stuff from St Machar Academy in the past week and we are hugely grateful that they are allowing us to share this with you all. Thanks to St Machar HS and Hannah Smith for getting in touch and sharing your experiences. Hannah has put together a presentation which identified their method of delivery, has some feedback from learners and showcases a few of the tasks they do in the class/virtually to gather evidence. You can access the powerpoint from the link below:

St Machar MHW

I’m sure you’ll find this really useful. It’s great to hear some more positive feedback about the award and it’s great to see it’s having such an impact on learners.

If anyone else would like to share their experience, please get in touch or feel free to share ideas in the comments below this post.




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Anita Baggs

Thank you for sharing the presentation.


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