Proposed changes to qualifications

Qualifications are formally reviewed every few years but, between reviews, we maintain qualifications by making small changes. The types of maintenance we carry out includes:

  • adding units to qualifications
  • revising/updating units
  • writing new units and adding these to existing qualifications
  • revising assessments
  • creating new assessments.

For example, in 2017 we devised a new unit in artificial intelligence that we added to HND Computer Science.

A couple of years ago, we changed the way that we deal with proposed changes to qualifications. Instead of making ad hoc changes, we updated the frameworks once per year, after the Qualification Support Team (QST) considered each proposal. The process hasn’t changed but I have converted the form from Google Forms to Microsoft Forms (SQA uses Office 365).

So, if you want to propose a change to a qualification, please use this form. Each proposal will be considered by the QST in the Spring (usually April) and, if approved, implemented the following session (August). We will let you know the QST’s decision as soon as the annual meeting takes place. Most proposals are approved. Small changes might be implemented more quickly (without the need to complete the form) but this will be the exception. Normally, you will be asked to complete the form and wait for the QST’s decision.

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about the QST or volunteer to join it.

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