Adding units to qualifications

My team get a lot of requests to add units to existing qualifications. These requests are passed to the Qualifications Support Team (QST) for consideration. If approved, these units are added (as options) to the award(s).

We normally do this on an ad hoc basis but we’re going to change that. In future, we will update frameworks once per year (each July). Any request that we receive will be added to a “change request register”, which we will submit to the QST each June.

There are a number of reasons for this change. The main one is that this new procedure will permit the QST to have a holistic view of the proposed changes. For example, if two similar units are proposed, it can approve one or other or either/or. It will also save us time, since making “batch” changes to awards is a lot more time efficient than regular one-off changes.

We will implement this change immediately so any future requests will be dealt with this way. We’re not changing the way that we accept these change requests (using the qualification proposal form) but each request will now be added to the change register and a decision made in June.


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