First Scottish Studies and Languages Blog – May 2015

Hello and welcome to the new Scottish Studies and Scots Language blog. We’ll be using it to keep you up to date with all the issues, developments and events relating to the Scottish Studies and Scottish Languages awards.

It’s good to be able to begin by telling you about the very successful Support Network Event we held for Scottish Studies on Monday 18th May in Stirling.

At least 70 Centres were represented by 100 or so delegates, many of whom were intending to offer the awards for the first time next year. Others were preparing to offer additional levels of the awards now that levels 2 and 6 are available.

So far the informal feedback from the event has been very positive¬†and we’re loking forward to finding out more once the delegates’ forms have been collated.

We’ll update you with all our news as soon as we can but we’ll be continuing with our Update letters as before so no-one will miss out. Meanwhile do contact me¬†if you have any feedback or queries at any time.


Robert Quinn

I had the privledge to introduce the recent Support Network Event. It was an nice mix of presentations and workshops. Liz McGlashan the senior EV gave an excellent overview and update which included lots of hints and tips covering both delivery and preparing for verification. SQA have recently validated this award at SCQF level 2 and Maria Antelmi of the Isabel Mair School shared her experience with an entertaining presentation on delivering the award set around the work of Robert Burns. At the other end of the SCQF spectrum, a level 6 Award has been introduced and Nicola Daniel from Broughton High gave an insightful overview of the Assessment Standards so that delegates could clearly see the progression from level 5. Marjorie Kerr (Depute) and Nicola Tonner (NQT) from Grove Academy gave a great insight into their journey towards introducing Scottish Studies in their school, highlighting the key role of creating positive partnerships across departments. Finally Jacqueline Millar of Dalkeith High expertly demonstrated the versatility of the Awards by using a core subject (Religious Education) at different levels with a whole year group. Thanks to all the presenters and participants for their input and enthusiasm.


This is a great innovation. Haud gaun! And remember the Scots Language Blether on Education Scotland’s GLOW site for support with delivering the Scots Language Awards in particular.


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