Scots Language – Language Show Live

The Language Show Live is coming up on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of March. This is an annual event which is usually held in London, and attracts a exhibitors from all over the world. Tickets are free, and there are still some available.

There will be taster language classes, seminars, performances, and much more. It’s an excellent …

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Understanding Standards Event – 27 January 2016

Our US event for Scottish Studies was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow on 27th January 2016. Parallel events were held for Scots Language on the same day so delegates could go to either event or both.

Both events were well attended and we all enjoyed the opportunity to meet colleagues from schools around the country and hear about their individual approaches and experience.

The Verifiers had identified several examples of candidate evidence for each level which were used as illustrations of the different standards for SCQF Levels 3 to 6 inclusive. Verifiers Liz and Nicola talked delegates through the evidence, providing explanations and answering questions as part of workshop discussions as they went along. Because of time pressure it wasn’t possible to get through all the examples, however they will be made available together with their respective Verifier Commentaries in the form of Understanding Standards packs as soon as possible.

Our slides from the day will also be made available shortly and as soon as I have the links – hopefully in a few days from now – I’ll let you know.

Education Scotland Colleagues also attended the event and offered valuable information about the wealth of online resources they have accumulated for the Scottish Studies awards. Their presentation, which includes links to …

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Scots Language – Scottish Government Scots Activity

The Scottish Government recently launched a Scots Language Twitter account. This account follows the launch of their Scots Language Policy in September, and features both tweets in Scots, and about Scots issues.

As a follow up to the Scots Language Policy, there is an Action Plan being developed which builds on the commitments in the Policy. You can read about …

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Scots Language – Understanding Standards Materials

Last week we held Understanding Standards events at Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza. It was a pleasure to meet with delegates from schools all over the country, and hear people’s experiences of delivering the Scots Language Award.

During these events we looked at candidate evidence from the first year of delivery.

We were also joined by colleagues from Education Scotland, …

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