Update – Level 6


Hope you’re all well.

Firstly, apologies that the level 6 units still aren’t available. The delivery requirements and type of qualification level 6 is going to be requires a bit more discussion, so we’ve been taking the time to do this to ensure we get everything right.

We’re aiming to have the units online in March with complete qualification available online by June. We understand this may not be ideal for centres with regards to planning for next session however, given the importance of the two aspects mentioned above, we feel we need to take the time to ensure the qualification is as accessible as possible.




Thank you for the update, a learner asked about this only this last Wednesday! Our Adult learning and communities team is looking forward to being able to offer this unit. Best of luck!

Candice Leckie

Excellent news, some of my current level class are asking about progression as they are completing the options process at the moment.
Any idea how we can be accepted as a verified centre for delivery?


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