Team changes

As regular readers will know, Helen and Emma have been on maternity leave during the last year. I’m pleased to let you know that Helen returned today. Helen has been on leave since last April. During that time she has been covered by Claudia and Caitlin.

Helen will resume her responsibilities for the “advanced” part of my portfolio — Higher Nationals and PDAs. This means that she will pick-up a number of developments including HND Cyber Security and the review of HN Computing awards.

I’m also pleased to let you know that Caitlin is now a (permanent) Qualifications Officer for Business & Administration. So she has a new set of responsibilities now and you should contact Helen in place of Caitlin. Lorraine will continue to lead non-advanced developments (such as NPAs) until Emma returns (in September). If you’re in any doubt who to contact, you can contact the team at and someone will get back to you.

So, welcome back Helen! And thanks, Caitlin!

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