HN Next Gen and Computing developments

Last month I posted something about how HN Next Gen would affect the on-going review of HN Computing awards. At that time, I thought that the review of Computing awards would be in the second phase of developments but I’m pleased to let you know that Computing will now be in the first phase of developments, along with other subjects such as Engineering.

There has been a slight delay to the start of HN Next Gen (originally April, now August) so Computing has been moved up to the first phase of developments. These first phase subjects will commence in August with the aim of having new awards available for Spring 2021. That means that HNC Computing, HND Computer Science, HND Networking & Infrastructure and HND Software Development will be revised using the new design rules, which is good news.

Two other HN developments are currently in progress. HND Cyber Security is almost complete. This has been designed according to the current design rules. The other development relates to HNC/D Data Science, which we are currently exploring as a possible development. If this proceeds, it would be developed using the new design rules.

The new design rules have not yet been finalised but they will be different from the current rules. For example, it looks likely that HNCs will be 15 SQA credits (120 SCQF points) rather than 12 (96 SCQF points). Another suggested change is to use bigger, more project-based units, which would have a big impact on frameworks.

The HN Computing review is in something of a hiatus right now because it will be involved with HN Next Gen but I’m hoping to make a flying start once we’re given the green light. In the meantime, please contact Helen if you want to get involved in any of these developments.


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