NPA Cyber Security support materials improvements

I recently let you know that we had received funding from the Scottish Government to improve the support materials for NPA Cyber Security. The first task was the find out what you want improved, so we carried out a survey among teachers. The survey is now closed and we used the results to decide what to prioritise. It was nice to read so many positive comments about the existing materials. Lots of respondents commented on how helpful they have been during delivery of the award this year.

We plan to carry out the following improvements.

  • Enhance the Learner’s Notes by adding content on specific topics (such as encryption).
  • Enhance the Educator’s Guide by providing additional guidance on things like initial set-up and resource requirements.
  • Republish all materials in book format (including one complimentary copy for each centre).
  • Create alternative assessments based on portfolio production.
  • Provide CPD events for teachers (based on the new materials).
  • Provide on-going support to teachers during their initial delivery (August-December 2019).

The first three actions are self-evident. This will result in improved – and more comprehensive – materials, presented in a much nicer way.

Many respondents requested alternative assessments to those currently available — not to replace them but to give teachers a choice. So we will develop new assessments that take a new portfolio-based approach to evidence production.

Part of the funding will be used to help teachers use the new materials and also provide support during their first use in the classroom. Obviously, we can’t do that until the enhanced materials have been produced so these tasks will take place next year.

We plan to create a development team to produce the enhanced materials so please contact Lorraine if you’re interested in participating.


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