Additional support for NPA Cyber Security

I’m pleased to let you know that the Scottish Government has provided funding to develop additional support materials for NPA Cyber Security.

This money will be spent improving the existing materials and, perhaps, devising some new materials. The focus will be on enhancement, rather than creating new materials, but this might mean, for example, creating more practical activities.

I’m not quite sure what precise form these enhancements will take and I’m currently carrying out some research to find out what teachers want. I’ve already received lots of suggestions such as:

  • additional practical activities
  • more formative questions (quizzes)
  • better presentation of the existing materials
  • converting the materials into an online/interactive course
  • crime case studies for learners to explore.

I’m devising a questionnaire to try to get some idea of the support for these (and other) suggestions, so look out for that (via this blog) in the near future. In the meantime, please contact Lorraine for more information about this project or anything else relating to the qualification.






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