NPA Cyber Security Learning and Teaching materials – Pilot

After much work and effort from the team, today I sent out to centres some of the learning and teaching materials that we are currently developing to aid the delivery of these awards in centres. The materials provided today comprised a copy of the Learners’ Notes and Worksheets. They have been made available at this time, in order to assist centres that are currently delivering the award.The documents are still in ‘draft’ and, therefore, may contain some minor errors or omissions. However, we hope that centres will find them useful and are encouraged to come forward for the pilot.

The pilot will run from mid-April to end May. Pilot centres will be required to provide feedback on all of the documents provided, which will include (in addition to the above) a Guide for Educators, Practical tasks, Formative questions, a Glossary and a link to a Cyber Security YouTube channel. Feedback will most likely be gathered via a questionnaire provided by SQA, although any comments or suggestions from centres will be welcomed.

Once the pilot is completed, final changes will be made to the documents based on the feedback provided. The ‘official’ published version of the materials will be made available to centres for the start of next session.

If you would like to register interest for the pilot, please contact me by Wednesday, 28th March.


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where can we get these Learners’ Notes from? thanks


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