Team changes

As many of you will know, Helen is expecting a baby soon. She stops for maternity leave next Tuesday and returns next Spring (2019).

Claudia Lambie will join the team from Monday. Claudia has previously worked for SQA (as a Qualifications Officer) so although the portfolio will be new to her, SQA won’t be, which will be a big help. Claudia’s previous experience is with school-based National Qualifications so vocational awards will be new. Claudia will introduce herself once she has her feet under her desk.

I have re-allocated responsibilities between Claudia and Emma. I normally divide the portfolio between officers by level (Emma was non-advanced and Helen was advanced) but this time I will divide responsibilities by project. Emma will mostly move to Higher National projects but will continue with some non-advanced work (such as the NPA Cyber Security support materials project). Claudia will mostly deal with NPA, NC and CBQ qualifications but with some HN-related work.

I’ll provide more information about who-does-what once Claudia has started. In the meantime, you can write to if you’re not sure who to contact.

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