Update from your SIM

Hi Folks, I am well over due my first Blog to you all. Since January I have travelled the length and breadth of this fair country visiting schools, colleges, independent schools, and community groups. Overwhelmingly the response to the course has been positive and the practice innovation to support delivery has been fantastic. Over the coming weeks I will be attending a number of conferences to spread the word of the importance of ensuring mental health and well being is at the heart of our schools and workplaces. I will be finishing the toolkit, and I will be facilitating some authority wide CPD days along side my colleague Principle Verifier, Robin Young to support preparation for next academic year.  All of you and your students are the stars of this revolution in education and “I doth my cap” to those of you who have taken the leap to go for it this year!!! I plan to post examples of good practice and some of the truly inspirational work which is being carried out across the sector. Educators really do ROCK!!! I will be following up with many of you over the coming weeks as it would be great to get some pictures and media of some of the amazing work you are all doing.

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