Changes to CfE NQs – 30th September 2016

Were you wondering how the Level 5 and Higher Scottish Studies awards will be affected by the changes announced by the CfE Management Board? Well, the simple answer is that they won’t!

However, teachers must be alert to how the Scottish Studies awards differ from other NQs in order to understand what their candidates must do to qualify for an award.

Unlike most NQs, these awards do not have an exam as part of the course; all units are internally assessed. This process will continue to generate all the evidence used to assess learners just as it always has done.

Teachers must be aware that evidence for every Outcome in each unit which is being used to contribute to any Scottish Studies award will continue to need to be produced and retained as stipulated in each unit specification.

I hope this has helped but contact Elaine Snell or me if you need any further clarification.


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