NPA PC Passport review – survey for centres, learners, and industry

In our October 2023 blog post we reached out to let you know of our plans to review the NPA PC Passport qualifications. I’m pleased to announce that this review is now underway, and survey links were sent out yesterday (Wednesday 24 January).

A survey was sent to all centres who currently deliver or have delivered the full NPA PC Passport award(s) at any level in the past two years. However, if you do not deliver the full award, but do deliver the individual units (Web Apps: Spreadsheets, Web Apps: Word Processing, and Web Apps: Presentations), we encourage you to also complete the survey. Here is the link to the centre survey:

We are also keen to hear from learners and have created a learner survey. If you are currently completing or have completed any of the NPA PC Passport awards and/or individual units, please use the following survey link. Responses to this survey are anonymous. Here is the link to the learner survey:

We also wish to gather feedback from employers and industry representatives who we encourage to complete this employer survey:

All surveys are open until Wednesday 7 February 2024.

Thank you.


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