A Digital Strategy for Scotland – 2017 and beyond

Earlier this month Scottish Government Ministers confirmed their intention to refresh Scotland’s current Digital Strategy, published in 2011, which describes actions to enhance digital connectivity, increase economic growth and activity by growing the digital economy, promote digital participation and develop digital public services.

It is anticipated this refreshed strategy will set out a range of ambitions and actions to ensure that Scotland has a clear vision of its place in the modern, digital world, and they are looking for citizens to get involved in the dialogue through an interactive discussion on themes they think should be included the strategy. These are: Connectivity; Economy; Skills; Public Services; Participation; Cyber Security and Resilience.


It is an open forum where conversation and interaction with other users is encouraged through ability to rate and comment on ideas posted.

Objectives for each of the themes have been set out but views on whether the objectives cover the right kinds of issues to help Scotland make the most of the opportunities that digital can offer are sought – what you think needs to be done, by whom, to deliver on those objectives. Further idea boxes can be created using the “submit an idea” box on the right hand side of the page.

Your views are important as they will help SG to:

Understand whether the right objectives to make the most of the opportunities that digital can offer have been identified
Identify whether there are other things to consider in developing the strategy
Take stock of what the priorities might be.

Deadline for responses is 5PM Thursday 15 December, 2016.

Scottish Government aim to publish the revised strategy early in 2017.

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This is really amazing when government publish digital strategy and I just visited the provided link to learn more about it.

The information is very nicely represented and will help respective industry to understand the digital strategy.


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