Opportunity to reshape the Technologies Experiences and Outcomes

A consultation period for the refresh of the Technologies Experiences and Outcomes (Es & Os) is taking place from October 2016 to ensure they are fit for purpose. You are invited to get involved.    

Why the Technologies  Es & Os are being refreshed

  • Technologies is an ever changing area and Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) management group agreed in summer 2016 to refresh the original outcomes for Computing Science and Digital Literacy. The Technologies ‘Significant Aspects of Learning’ were refreshed in 2015 and the key concepts they outline are essential in the refresh of the Es & Os.
  • The CfE statement stated that “there will be two key resources for all teachers to use to plan learning, teaching and assessment: Es & Os & Benchmarks”.

How to get involved

  • Education Scotland is hosting two face to face consultation events on the 12th of October in Glasgow or the 18th of October in Dundee. The events are open to everyone who is interested including teachers, parents and industry groups.

Please register using the links below:

Glasgow event – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/technologies-es-and-os-consultation-event-glasgow-tickets-28232947506

Dundee event – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/technologies-es-and-os-consultation-event-dundee-tickets-28233168166

  • If you can’t attend the events there is a feedback form where you can offer suggested changes and comments. Once you have completed this form please return it to lorna.kerr@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk

Click on the link below for the feedback form:

The bench marking for the technologies will also be written in the coming weeks and will also be shared.

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