Learning guide endorsement

We recently introduced our Digital Learning Guides to Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association as a direct result of our contact with them through volunteer work on social inclusion. They saw the guides as a very positive resource for both residents and staff and are considering using them as part of their digital inclusion strategy.

We are delighted to have their endorsement; they have posted a very positive comment on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HanoverScotland/?fref=ts) and have promised to mention the guides in their next newsletter.

Please spread the word; the guides are free, easy to use, no password or login required, and can help people carry out everyday tasks online, building confidence and increasing digital skills for those who need it.

The guides can be accessed here: I urge you to use them and feed back your comments to us. If you want to see a demonstration of how the guides work, check out the demo video at the top of the Learning Guide home page.

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