Digital Partnerships

Following a presentation at the recent Scottish Telehealth and Telecare Networking event, SQA are exploring new digital partnerships which may take our learner guides out into the healthcare community; we are confident that we can support learners who need to access different online forms, assistance networks and forums by using learner guides to make them more digitally confident and able to independently access all the online help they need as part of their patient care package.

We are also looking into partnerships to help with completion of government forms such as applying for benefits; although some guidance exists for these forms, it assumes a certain level of digital skill that many people don’t have, so our guides can take them through the form step by step with support, guidance and advice on how each section should be completed.

Watch this space for more information as the partnerships develop and additional guides become available. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for new forms that you think would be helpful or if you are interested in creating a new partnership for developing new learner guides.

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