Learner Guides – the numbers….

Now that the digital learner guides have been ‘out there’ for over a month, I thought it might be interesting to publish some statistics for how they’ve been accessed/used over that time period.

In total, the Learner Guides web page has had 4029 ‘hits’ since the official launch took place on 30th March 2016. All of the guides have been accessed multiple times, the most popular guide being Getting Online, the guide that introduces a learner to the keyboard, mouse and other hardware as well as carrying out a very basic internet search. This guide alone has been used 456 times to date.

There was a ‘spike’ in visits to the page following the launch event, but I’m pleased to say that traffic through the page has remained high and our statistics show that most visitors to the page go on to complete at least one guide, and in most cases multiple guides.

We will continue to add new guides as they become available and subscribers to the blog will get updates as the newer guides are uploaded. We rely on your feedback to keep the guides as current and valid as possible, so please complete the online feedback form with your comments when you have completed one or more of the guides. We also value your suggestions for new guides; what would you find helpful? What guides do you need for your own learners? If you would like to discuss creating ‘bespoke’ guides for your organisation please don’t hesitate to contact me. (liz.sinclair@sqa.org.uk).

The guides can be accessed using the direct URL: www.sqa.org.uk/digitalguides


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