Digital guide testing

The first batch of Digital Learner Guides currently being developed are now ready to be field-tested. We have arranged a series of ‘tester events’ to take place over the next couple of months, with learners from various organisations covering a range of age groups participating in the process.

Learners will work their way through each of the Guides with the help and support of a Digital Volunteer from SQA; they will then provide user feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement. Their feedback will help to finalise the content of each Guide and will be used to ensure they are fully supportive of learners who are entering the digital world for the first time.

The plan is to launch the first ‘batch’ of Learner Guides in March, with publication of the full suite of Guides to follow shortly afterwards. We are also hoping the guides will be suitable for badging, whereby learners can earn badges for achievement and development of their digital skills; this will be done through SQA Academy.

Watch this space for more information as things develop….

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