Digital sector – gender research

The Employment Research Institute has been commissioned by The Scottish Government and Skills Development Scotland to undertake a survey to understand the gender imbalance in the ICT and Digital Technologies sector.

They are interested in finding out why there are fewer women in digital and computer science than men, and how this deficit can be addressed. In particular they are looking at technology professionals, but will also explore the deficit of women in other areas of work within the digital sector. The shortage of women joining and remaining in this sector is a concern to the future sustainability of skills and growth of this important sector. To understand this problem they are undertaking research into the whole “pipeline” of supply from school, college, university and employment. International research is also being undertaken to learn from the situation in other countries.

Input is sought from a wide range of people [including women currently employed in the sector, employers in this sector, recruiters for this sector, lecturers and teachers on relevant courses] and for views to be shared by completing a short questionnaire: The survey will remain open until Friday 28th August.

As part of this research interviews and focus groups to explore in more depth the issues raised in the survey will be conducted, including the efficacy of potential solutions. If you are interested in taking part in this stage of the research, please get in touch with Dr Helen Graham (

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