Digital participation

Welcome to SQA’s digital skills blog. Blog posts here will keep you up-to-date on how we are engaging with Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter, increasing skills levels through the use of digital technologies in everyday learning, work and social activities.

SQA’s staff completed an online survey to find out how competent they felt using the systems and software in the organisation, as well as the technologies they use at home.  Not surprisingly for such a large organisation – we have around 700 staff across sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh – the survey responses showed that there are a range of perceived competence levels: from those who sometimes struggle with programs and devices to those who have accomplished digital skills. It was great to find out from the survey also that people were really keen to help others become more confident using technology, both colleagues and in communities.

Working with our Occupational Development team the aim will be to put in place a training programme for staff that helps to increase skills from basic to advanced levels – this could be using some of our own qualifications like NPA in Digital Passport; booking a 1-2-1 session with a colleague who has expertise in using particular software; and we are also devising some interactive support material and guides for our SQA Academy website.  It’s the intention to share these training methods and materials with the wider community through digital participation partners like SCVO.  SQA is committed to volunteering opportunities through its Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and this aspect of the Charter is definitely one that we want to promote.

There is a will for change and making better use of digital technologies and there are many challenges involved in making those changes, particularly in large organisations.  But there are tremendous leaps being made by similar ‘bureaucracies’ who have embraced digital by default as the way forward. By continuing to share knowledge and participate for the right reasons – a more efficient, cost-effective and creative future for learners in Scotland – we all need to play a part in the digital journey.  I hope you will follow and see how we get on.


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