Updated portfolio diagram

The Summer is a good time for the team to catch up with things, and one of the things I always do is update the portfolio diagram, which shows all of the vocational qualifications that me and my team are responsible for. You can download the portfolio via this link.

It’s worth downloading and printing the diagram so that you can see what’s coming, what’s going and what’s just arrived. We have a few new arrivals. HND Cyber Security has just been developed. NPA Data Science is now available too. Some PDAs have already been removed – and they will be joined by one more (see diagram) in the near future. A number of Higher National awards are about to be revised, once the HN Next Gen project gets underway.

Please contact Lorraine for non-advanced (NC, NPA, etc.) qualifications or contact Helen for advanced (HNC/HND/PDA) awards — or contact computing@sqa.org.uk if you’re not sure.

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