Unit writing and vetting volunteers for HND Cyber Security

Now that we have a finalised HND Cyber Security Framework. We are currently looking for volunteers to write and vet these new Units.

If you’re interested in writing or vetting (or both) then please add your name and email address to the Writer or Vetter columns as appropriate https://1drv.ms/w/s!Av71_tveB0_uhdk50lkaH-DCMJY6Cg

You can volunteer for as many (or few) as you like. Don’t be put off if someone has already put their name forward for a Unit as we will try to distribute the work equally. Please note volunteers are not required for units in Bold (these units have already been commissioned).

The unit writers fee is £500 and the vetting fee is £100. You will also gain experience of writing or vetting national assessments. Please note if you are selected you must be able to attend the Unit Writing training on Saturday 8th December (Glasgow) 10am-3pm, even if you have written Units before.

Please feel free contact myself at Caitlin.boyle@sqa.org.uk if you have any questions regarding Unit Writing or Vetting.

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