Tech Partnership closing

The Tech Partnership ceases operations this month. Together with its predecessor organisation – E-Skills UK – it has served as the Sector Skills Council for IT since 2003. Transitional arrangements have been put in place to ensure the smooth transfer of its work to other bodies.A key function previously carried out by The Tech Partnership was its work in Apprenticeships, which will now be carried out by Instructus. The closure of The Tech Partnership means that there is no Sector Skills Council for IT but the work normally carried out by SSCs will be done on an on-going basis by a range of organisations.

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about SQA’s IT-related Competency Based Qualifications (CBQs).

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A warm welcome to everyone here! My name is Larisa, I represent Instructus and I am happy to join this sector panel following the demise of Tech Partnership.
Instructus would like to build on working partnerships with key stakeholders in the sector of Computing and ICT to ensure the skills remain fit for purpose.
Thank you for the opportunity to join the Panel!


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