Team changes and portfolio changes

Following on from my post about Amy moving to another team within SQA, I’m pleased to let you know that Gayle Rennie has join the team to replace Amy.

Gayle has responsibility for non-advanced qualifications (SCQF Levels 3-6) and CBQs (SCQF Levels 5-8). Megan has moved to advanced qualifications (SCQF Levels 7-9). In other words, contact Gayle for NPAs, NCs and CBQs; contact Megan for HNQs and PDAs. If you’re not sure who to contact, you can write to

Gayle will take over from Megan for two current developments: NPA Computing and NPA Data Science. Megan will take over from Amy for Next Gen developments.

There has also been changes in responsibility for some vocational Computing qualifications, which I’ll say more about in a separate post. But, in short, some vocational qualifications will be transferred to the NQ team (managed by Robbie Paterson). This change will take place from 1 January. I’ll update the portfolio diagram to illustrate who’s responsible for what.

I’d like to thank Amy for her help during the last 18 months and welcome Gayle to the team.