Refreshed combined assessments for HN Computing

The “HN enhancement” project has two parts. Part 1 was adding units to the existing HNC Computing, which has now been done, and part 2 is refreshing combined assessments that were produced a few years ago and making these available to all centres.

The combined assessments were originally devised in 2014 (and made available in 2015) to reduce the amount of assessment (by integrating several assessments into one) and giving learners “a university experience” of assessment. They’re also known as “alternative assessments” because they didn’t replace the usual unit-based assessments, and their use was optional.

Two alternative/combined assessments were produced:

  1. A project-based assessment that combined the assessments for H178 34 Team Working in Computing and H1F7 34 Professionalism & Ethics in Computing.
  2. An examination-based assessment that combined the assessments for H16Y 35 Software Development: Data Structures, H171 35 Software Development: Object Oriented Programming and H172 35 Software Development: Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

The project assessment is part of HNC Computing and the examination is part of HND Software Development. The project covers all of the outcomes in the two associated units; the examination covers some of the outcomes in the three associated units (all of the knowledge).

We recently appointed an experienced External Verifier to review these assessments, prior to re-publishing them. We met this morning to discuss tasks and timescales. The assessments will be updated by 30 June and available to centres from July, when they will be available on SQA Secure for use by any centre.

Please contact Helen for more information.

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