Pilot centres for HN-Next Gen

Regular readers will know that we’re in the process of developing two new Higher National Qualifications: HNC Computing and HND Data Science. We’re hoping to pilot these qualifications in centres next session. We’re currently looking for two centres for each qualification to test the prototypes. HNC Computing is based on the current HNC but the HND is new.

“Next generation” HNs are different from current Higher National Qualifications in a number of respects including:

  • size — HNCs and HNDs are 15 credits
  • duration — HNDs are one year qualifications
  • grading – Next Gen qualifications will be graded differently
  • assessment – Next Gen qualifications will have less assessment – and more time for teaching
  • units – Next Gen qualifications will have fewer, larger units
  • specification: Next Gen qualifications and units are specified in a simpler, more open manner than current qualifications.

We think that these new types of qualification will be better for teachers and learners. We’ll support pilot centres throughout the delivery of the qualifications, and pilot centres will play a vital role in providing feedback to SQA and improving the qualifications.

We’ve asked College Principals to express their interest in getting involved by Friday, 26 March.