Writing next generation Higher National units

Since my last update about the next generation of Higher National Qualifications (HN-NG), we’ve moved onto writing the component units within HNC Computing and HND Data Science. Writers and vetters have been recruited for all of the new units in these qualifications and we’re carrying out training this week (yesterday, today and tomorrow).

One of the important changes that HN-NG will introduce is the way that units are described. Firstly, NG units will be larger than current types — typically 2-4 credits (80 to 200 hours). New units will be simpler than existing units, typically 4-6 pages in length rather than 10-20 pages. We hope to achieve that by stripping back units to the essentials. We think that they will be easier to use as a result.

In the current phase of developments, we’re going to produce 26 new units. Here are some examples:

  • Digital Skills (SCQF Level 7): 3 credits
  • Professional Practice in Computing (SCQF Level 7): 4 credits
  • Computer Science (SCQF Level 7): 2 credits
  • Cyber Security (SCQF Level 8): 3 credits
  • Web Development (SCQF Level 7): 2 credits
  • Cloud Computing (SCQF Level 8): 2 credits
  • Data Engineering (SCQF Level 8): 3 credits
  • Data Visualisation (SCQF Level 8): 2 credits
  • Probability & Statistics in Data Science (SCQF Level 8): 3 credits.

We’re hoping to reduce assessment in these new units, which will result in less assessment for learners and less time spent on assessment by teachers. The units are written collaboratively by writers, vetters, members of the qualification team and others with an interest.

We hope to have the units validated by the end of April. Please contact Helen for more information.