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My welcome back post emphasised the importance of HN Next Gen (HN-NG) this coming year, when we will develop two “next generation” Higher National qualifications: HNC Computing and HND Data Science. I was particularly pleased that I was permitted to include HND Data Science since it is the only HND included in the first phase of developments. The other HNDs in the “family” (HND Computer Science, HND Networking & Infrastructure and HND Software Development) will not proceed at this time but will be developed as part of phase 2.

New HN qualifications will be different from the current qualifications in a number of ways. They will consist of larger (and fewer) units. Learning will be project-based. Metaskills will be embedded. There will be less assessment. Grading will be reconsidered. The qualifications will be defined differently (in terms of how the units are defined and how the qualification is described).

Because Computing is the only subject area with two qualifications involved in the first phase, I’ve asked Emma to take over HNC Computing from Helen. This means that Emma is the lead officer for HNC Computing and Helen is the lead officer for HND Data Science. Many of you will know Emma from her work with non-advanced qualifications and SVQs, and she recently led the PDA Data Science development.

Here’s a summary of what’s been done so far.

  • Qualification Development Team created (and met a few times)
  • Lead developers selected (and active) for all of the qualifications (including phase 2).
  • Consultation carried out with various stakeholders (including several Scottish universities).
  • Draft frameworks created for all of the qualifications (including phase 2).
  • Unit outlines created for all of the units in HNC Computing.

Here’s what remains to be done between now and the end of April.

  • Finalise HNC Computing and HND Data Science frameworks.
  • Select and train unit writers.
  • Write units (HNC and HND).
  • Create qualification documentation.
  • Select pilot centres.

These prototype qualifications will be piloted by a limited number of centres during session 2021/22 and, if all goes well, will be available to all centres from session 2022/23. Phase 2 developments will re-commence in mid-2021.

Please contact Emma if you want to know more about the new HNC Computing or contact Helen to find out more about the new HND Data Science.

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