Data science units are now published

The units within the recently validated NPA Data Science have now been published on the SQA website. In total, we developed 12 new units as part of this development. Here is a list of the new units, along with links to each specification.

Data Science (Level 4)
Data Science (Level 5)
Data Science (Level 6)
Data Citizenship (Level 4)
Data Citizenship (Level 5)
Data Citizenship (Level 6)
Machine Learning (Level 5)
Machine Learning (Level 6)
Data Science: Statistics (Level 5)
Data Science: Statistics (Level 6)
Data Science: Project (Level 5)
Data Science: Project (Level 6).

The units are available as part of the NPA or as stand-alone units. We’ll also add some of them to the National Certificate in Computing with Digital Media.

We’re excited about the contents of these new units. We’re pretty certain that Scotland is the first country in the world to have a national Machine Learning curriculum in schools. But all of the units are interesting. The Data Science units deliver practical skills in analysing large datasets (great for learners who plan to progress to university); the Citizenship units come at the subject from a sociological perspective; the Statistics units looks at stats from a data science perspective; and the Project units provide an opportunity to bring it all together.

Please contact Lorraine if you want to know more about the units.


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