Computing Conference 2020

A few months ago, I mentioned changes to the annual Computing Conference. Next year’s conference is going to be bigger than normal and will include a wider range of subjects, and a different format. The event will take place on Wednesday, 5 February, 2020, at Stirling Court Hotel (part of the University of Stirling campus). We’re hoping that around 200 people will attend.

The 2020 Computing Conference is aimed at teachers and lecturers, and will focus on a wide range of Computing qualifications, from National Qualifications to Higher National Diplomas. The event will commence with a couple of keynote presentations, followed by a number of workshops. In total, eight workshops will be available:

Workshop 1: Digital literacy.
Workshop 2: Higher National review.
Workshop 3: HND Cyber Security.
Workshop 4: National Progression Awards.
Workshop 5: National Qualifications.
Workshop 6: NPA Cyber Security.
Workshop 7: NPA Data Science.
Workshop 8: SOLAR.

Delegates can select four of the eight workshops.

We notified centres (via Centre News) at the end of last month. The event booking system is still open (over 130 people have registered) so, if you haven’t booked yet, please follow the link and book your place now.

Please contact the events team for more information.


I think this will be huge benefits for people who are doing online courses especially courses like NVQ Level 6

[…] February, we’re holding the 2020 Computing Conference in Stirling, which will be a much bigger event than usual. We’re hoping that up to 200 […]

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