Business (Employers/Partners) Event

Yesterday I met with representatives from West Lothian College. It was a productive meeting. There were industry representatives from Quality Scotland, Neil’s Hugs, The Scottish Parliament and Bridge 2 Business.

Lecturers from West Lothian College gave short presentations on the content of Level 5 Business, 6 Business and HNC/D Business. The presentations reviewed the units delivered and there was opportunity for employers to input into areas of the curriculum they feel is critical to meet the industry sector needs and prepare students for the workplace.


The key themes employers suggested for HNC/D framework were:

Potential units on tendering/bidding, contract procurement, logistics and supply chain

Ensuring curriculum meets customer needs

Relevant and interesting units using current examples

Embedding soft and technical skills

This was really interesting and useful information as the HN Business is due a review, and will be part of the HN Next Gen project, which is scheduled to commencing early next year. You can see the HN Next Gen presentation here. We plan to have our QST meeting to discuss Business related subjects at the end of May.

As previously mentioned we aim to produce two new HN units provisionally titled ‘Digital Technologies in Business’ and ‘Business organisations and decision making’.

Please contact myself (Caitlin) if you want to know anymore information about HN Business.

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