Changes to SVQ and SQA Accredited Qualifications

The following SVQ has been extended to 31/01/24:

SVQ in Insurance SCQF Level 8, GJ2C 24 which was due to lapse on 31/01/21 has been extended and will now lapse on 31/01/24 and finish on 31/01/28.

The following Diplomas and SVQ have been withdrawn w/e/f 31/01/21:

Diploma in Business Accounting Practice at SCQF level 8 GJ0Y 48

Diploma in Management Consulting Practice at SCQF level 8 GJ10 48

Diploma in Tax Practice at SCQF level 8 GJ11 48

Diploma in Audit Practice at SCQF level 8 GJ12 48

SVQ in Banking at SCQF Level 8 GJ2A 24

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