Emerging themes – Learner engagement interim report 2023 – 24

Read about our first round of learner evaluation for session 2023 – 24 with some detail from emerging themes and information about our second round of engagement.

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NextGen: HN

SQA’s Learner Engagement team recently met with a range of NextGen: HN learners for the first round of engagement activity for 2023 – 24, to hear their views and experiences of their NextGen: HN qualifications.  We took the same approach as last year, to ensure learners’ views are captured and fed into the overall evaluation of the Next Gen: HN project. Engagement activity significantly increased this year due to the new NextGen: HND qualifications that began pilot delivery in 2023.

We conducted a total of 60 focus groups, from 14 pilot centres in the first round of engagement for session 2023 – 24, concluding in December 2023. Focus groups discussed various topics, with particular focus around meta-skills, learning for sustainability, assessment, grading, progression, and communication.  In addition, we conducted a survey to ensure learner participation which was completed by 595 students.

General emerging themes around key NextGen: HN features include:

  • Learners are more satisfied this year with the level of information received regarding their courses.
  • The design and layout of NextGen: HN qualifications allow for a smooth transition from previous study or employment.
  • The availability of meta-skills resources had a positive impact on delivery, with a notable improvement in learners’ level of meta-skills awareness in session 2023 – 24.
  • Learners’ awareness of the grading model was varied across subjects. NextGen: HND learners showed a better understanding of grading criteria.
  • The coverage of Learning for Sustainability continues to be limited across most piloted subjects.
  • Learners recognise the importance and value of sustainability in their courses.

Overall, the feedback was positive. Learners are enjoying their NextGen: HN courses and are recognising significant changes from previous learning experiences, particularly in the practical elements. Round 1 of the evaluation activity provided an initial insight into learners’ views on NextGen: HN features and allowed a comparison with data from 2022 – 23. The second round of engagement for 2023 – 24 is scheduled for April – May 2024.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the evaluation activity and all the pilot centres who have helped to organise focus groups. The support has been greatly appreciated and the feedback received to date has been invaluable in contributing to further developments within NextGen: HN qualifications.

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