Pilot centre themed conversation on Grading – a great day engaging with our pilot centres

Read about our recent pilot centre themed conversation which focused on the NextGen: HN grading model. It was a great session which resulted in valuable feedback, which will be used to inform future decisions regarding documentation and grading matrixes.

May 22, 2023 - sqablogs - Categories: Grading, Pilot

NextGen: HN

We wanted to thank all our pilot centres who attended our pilot centre themed conversation on grading in March. 

The full range of Next Generation Higher National (NextGen: HN) piloted qualifications were represented at the session, with 32 deliverers attending from 11 pilot centres. 

We also had three guest speakers attend the session. Alan Moffat represented HNC TV, Diane Scott represented Social Services, and Walter Patterson represented Computing. Each guest speaker reflected on the grading model specific to their subject with Walter sharing the latest version of the Computing grading model.  We extend our thanks to all the guest speakers and hope this was a useful opportunity for pilot centres. 

On the day we ensured that the attendees felt confident with the information shared, before following up with a survey which provided us with valuable information. We were able to identify one key theme surrounding clarity and guidance around the grading process and matrixes.  

As a result, we will be reviewing delivery and grading judgements over the coming months. This will ensure that the documentation and grading matrixes are fit for purpose and cover some of the key guidance requested, supporting standardisation across colleges, and to give our practitioners confidence when making grading judgements. We will have updated guidance and documentation available for to support delivery for session 2023/24. We have also been working with Higher Education Institutes to support their understanding of the grading model.  

We welcome any further feedback on the day, in additional to the grading process.  You can provide us feedback through your NPDM or by contacting Andrew Newman, Research and Policy Manager for Grading in NextGen: HN, directly at