NextGen HN: – Learner Evaluation

Read about the completion of our first round of learner evaluation with some detail from emerging themes and information about our second round of engagement.

March 20, 2023 - sqablogs - Categories: Pilot

NextGen: HN

SQA’s Learner Engagement team recently met with a range of NextGen: HN learners to hear their views and experiences of the qualifications, allowing them to inform future development. The feedback provided allows us to understand the impact the NextGen: HN qualifications have on learning. It also identifies aspects that have been successful as well as areas needing additional support and guidance.

The first round of engagement concluded on 8 December, after a total of 35 focus groups from 13 pilot centres which focused on meta-skills, learning for sustainability, assessment, grading, progression, and communication.

Most of the focus groups were held face to face allowing for direct interaction with learners across all pilot centres and encouraged open and honest discussion.  Learners on all NextGen: HN qualifications had the opportunity to take part in the sessions and contributed with valuable feedback at the focus groups.

The team processed, collated, and analysed the feedback to identify themes relating to NextGen: HN generally or qualification-specific, which will inform any necessary improvements or changes. The feedback has been shared with pilot centres and qualification development teams within SQA.

General emerging themes around key NextGen: HN features include:

    • Learners welcoming the holistic approach to grading
    • There were encouraging signs of assessment reduction across most qualifications.
    • There were different levels of understanding of meta-skills due to an inconsistent approach to delivery across pilot centres.
    • Learners felt NextGen: HN qualifications were preparing them well for industry.

The feedback provided by learners was incredibly valuable and allowed us to get an insight to the delivery of NextGen: HN qualifications during the pilot phase. The first round of engagement found that, overall, learners are enjoying their NextGen: HN courses. A number of learners had previously undertaken a college qualification and could recognise significant changes within NextGen: HN. In addition, the practical element of the NextGen: HN qualifications was repeatedly highlighted as a positive element of the qualifications.

Given learners were only a couple of months into their NextGen: HN qualification during these sessions, some of the emerging themes may change after our next round of engagement – which will take place in April-May 2023.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the focus groups and all the staff in pilot centres who have helped to organise them. The work and support have been greatly appreciated and the feedback received has been invaluable in contributing to further developments within NextGen: HN qualifications.