SQA committees

Three committees assist me and my team to carry out our work. These are: Sector Panel, Qualification Support Team and Lead Person Network. These are permanent, standing committees. We also form ad-hoc committees, such as Qualification Development Teams, when the need arises.

The Sector Panel provides strategic advice about external developments to ensure that qualifications remain current and relevant. Membership includes employers, universities, colleges, schools, training providers, representatives of national organisations and educational experts. A vital role for the Panel is to ensure that the qualification portfolio remains up-to-date.

The Qualification Support Team (QST) provides advice about how best we can support existing qualifications such as recommending the support materials required by centres. QST also decides what changes should be made to existing qualification. For example, when centres request that a unit is added to a qualification, the QST considers the proposal. QST includes representatives of colleges, schools and training providers.

The Lead Person Network (LPN) has one person (the “lead person”) from each college in Scotland who represents the college and provides feedback to SQA. The person also ensures that members of their subject teams within each college are aware of national developments.

We’re currently reviewing membership of these committees. Megan will contact each member of each committee to ask if they wish to continue. We will also add new members to the committees. Please contact Megan if you’re interested in serving on any of these committees. The time commitment is small and meetings are held online. Membership will ensure you have a say in national qualifications in Computing.