Sector Panel meeting (2018)

The Sector Panel for Computing met on Friday in Glasgow. The Panel is one of the ways that me and my team get feedback from stakeholders. It’s been around for a (very) long time — going back to the 1990’s, when I was a college representative on it. The Sector Panel’s main role is to provide strategic advice to SQA about what’s going on externally and what we should be doing in response. There are 27 members representing employers, universities, colleges, schools, training centres, national organisations and professional bodies.

It was a good meeting on Friday. I always take the opportunity to ask what we should be working on and I got lots of suggestions on Friday — including Agile, Dev Ops, UX and UI. We’ll put together an action list and get to work on some of those ideas.

We’re always looking for people to serve on the Panel so please contact Lorraine if you want to know what’s involved in membership. The Panel meets once per year but keeps in touch (virtually) between meetings.

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